Somali Federal Government Ignites Development Initiatives in Northeastern State Despite Political Strains

Mogadishu (AX) – The federal government of Somalia has rekindled development efforts in Northeastern State of Somaliafollowing earlier political squabbles, which had thrown a wrench into various projects.

Mohamud Abdirahman (Benebene), the Somali Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, mentioned on Monday that Northeastern State had previously put a brake on these initiatives but has now given the green light for their continuation.

“We’re stoked about the revival of the Barwaaqo and Somalia Food System Resilience Project (SSR) in Northeastern State. This shows renewed dedication to enhancing our people’s wellbeing. These gigs are pivotal for nurturing lasting progress and securing a robust future for all areas,” declared Minister Benebene.

The Barwaaqo project, kicked off in January 2023, revolves around water management and building infrastructure. The Somalia Food Systems Resilience Project (SFSRP), which took off in June 2023, aims to bolster food systems across the federal member states, ensuring food security and advocating sustainable farming practices.

“Under the helm of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, the Federal Government of Somalia is committed to keeping humanitarian and development efforts untainted by politics. We pledge to roll out these projects with total transparency and fairness, targeting those in need without political bias,” added Minister Benebene.

The federal government pointed out that Barwaaqo and SFSRP were designed for all Federal Member States, but Northeastern State of Somaliahad stopped their rollout on its own.

Just a day ago, the leader of Northeastern State, Said Abdullahi Deni, urged Somalia’s international allies to create a fresh setup that lets multilateral development banks provide direct aid and support to Northeastern State amid escalating political clashes with the federal government.

In a communiqué to the global community, President Deni accused the federal government of politicizing donor funds and budgetary aid meant for Northeastern State through multilateral development banks.

Back in March, Northeastern State withdrew its recognition of the Federal Government of Somalia, pushing for constitutional amendments to be approved through a popular vote. The political strife between Northeastern State and the federal government, however, predates the nod to these constitutional changes.

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