senior TPLF officers arrested and

On Monday, a dozen TPLF officials in Ethiopia were transferred to Addis Ababa and handed over to investigators. Federal forces continue to fight the Tigray region in search of the region’s former rulers. On Sunday, the army announced it had killed 15 members of the Tigrayan party, including the deputy police commissioner and 10 officers. And in the field the hunt continues.

with our regional correspondent, Sebastien Nemeth

Power has the meaning of the image. The leaders of TPLF arrested over the weekend, were presented with cameras on the tarmac at Addis Ababa airport as soon as they got off the plane, handcuffed.

The biggest catch is Abay Weldo, president of Tigray from 2010 to 2018, he had led the party for five years. 56 years old he seemed shabby and tired, his arm was held by a soldier.

Behind him, former Ethiopian finance minister Abraham Tekeste, also former vice president of Tigray. The other prisoners are mostly heads of regional agencies and institutions …

We do not know the circumstances of their arrests. In any case, the federal authorities had promised $ 250,000 to anyone who provided information leading to the arrest of the TPLF leaders. Those arrested this weekend were handed over to the criminal investigation department of the federal police …

Their case is reminiscent of Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF, who also appears Saturday with his hands tied at the airport. The 86-year-old man had a white beard and only a sock on his foot. The symbol of decay, staged by Addis Ababa, is obvious.

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However, the case is far from over because the TPLF has promised to continue the fight. The country’s most wanted man, Debretsion Gebremichael, the current leader of the TPLF, is still untraceable, as are leaders of the party’s central committee and several senior officials.

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