Salaam Bank Uganda recognized as top new Islamic financial institution at IFN Global awards

Salaam Bank Uganda has received the prestigious title of Best New Islamic Bank at the IFN Global Awards 2024. This honor recognizes the bank’s commitment to providing innovative and customer-centric Shariah-compliant financial services. Additionally, it acknowledges the bank’s substantial contributions to the growth of Islamic finance in Uganda.

The award ceremony took place in Dubai on April 25, where Salaam Bank Uganda’s Chairman and CEO accepted the accolades. Mr. Ibrahim M. Abdirahman expressed gratitude for the recognition and thanked supporters who voted in the IFN poll. He highlighted the bank’s impact since entering the Ugandan market.

The IFN Awards are highly esteemed in the Islamic finance industry, emphasizing Salaam Bank Uganda’s strong presence in the country. The bank’s focus on financial inclusion through Shariah-compliant solutions for individuals, businesses, and governments is highlighted through this prestigious recognition.

Salaam Bank Uganda began operations in September, becoming Uganda’s first Islamic financial institution. The bank’s official launch was attended by President Yoweri Museveni and marked a significant milestone for the country. CEO Mr. Michael Mande emphasized the team’s dedication and commitment to ethical Islamic finance principles.

Mr. Mande stressed the importance of leading with integrity and empowering communities through transparency and impactful initiatives. As a subsidiary of the Salaam Group, Salaam Bank Uganda continues to provide Shariah-compliant financial services to Uganda’s Muslim population.

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