Sailors Face Peril: New Piracy Threat Emerges along Somalia’s Coast

SOMALI CAPITAL – Yet another instance of piracy has been documented off the coast of Somalia, according to various sources. This incident comes at a time when efforts are being made to restore order and security to the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea shores, which have become hotspots for such attacks.

Witnesses reported that a merchant vessel encountered a suspicious ship with a blue hull carrying armed individuals about 170 kilometers northwest of Bosaso, situated in the state of Northeastern State. It is worth noting that most piracy cases occur in this particular region.

According to the maritime security firm Ambrey, the unknown vessel approached the targeted merchant ship from the right side, coming as close as 100 meters. This event occurs just three weeks after the release of the MV Abdullah, which had been hijacked by pirates.

The suspicious boat was occupied by 5-6 armed individuals, who were also seen with a ladder on board. Upon noticing this, the merchant ship changed its course and alerted nearby vessels, sparking concerns about safety along the extensive 3,333-kilometer coastline.

Upon noticing the approaching boat, the private armed security team on board the vessel revealed their weapons and fired two warning shots to deter the boat from getting closer. In response, the boat ceased its advance, as confirmed by officials.

At the time of the incident, the merchant vessel had an estimated freeboard height of 7.35 meters and proceeded with its journey heading westward. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but this incident is expected to prompt increased surveillance activities along the coast.

Furthermore, reports emerged yesterday regarding the sighting of a pirate mothership in the Indian Ocean, located approximately 1,000 kilometers from the Somali mainland and about 650 kilometers east of Yemen’s Socotra Island. This discovery coincides with the expanding range of attacks by the Houthis in a similar area.

Despite efforts to combat piracy over the years, Somalia continues to grapple with this issue, which seemed to have waned about a decade ago. However, the recent uptick in piracy incidents has raised alarms among the global community.


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