Rwanda’s ambassador was called after accusations

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a series of demonstrations against Kigali began on Monday, May 30 in the country. Authorities finally called Rwanda’s ambassador on Tuesday to seek an explanation for his country’s support for the M23 rebels in the east of the country. The meeting between the government and Rwanda’s ambassador was short-lived. About ten minutes.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

In the absence of the head of Congolese diplomacy, it was his colleague from the environment and Deputy Prime Minister Ève Bazaiba who met with Rwandan Ambassador Vincent Karega. The protocol commits, she officially delivered the message of protest and disapproval of the government against the support of Rwanda to the rebels in M23.

“This is a sharp warning,” the minister said without further details.

The same discretion of the Rwandan diplomat whose expulsion is required by the political class and civil society after Kinshasa’s indictment against Kigali.

“It is up to the two countries to appreciate the need and duration of my presence” on Congolese territory, said Vincent Karega.

The recall of his Congolese colleague stationed in Kigali is required, at which point the Congolese government has not yet made up its mind. Kinshasa currently refuses to close all doors to the discussion.

The only precaution: the airline RwandAir’s flight stop on Congolese territory.

Kinshasa is taking the case internationally. In correspondence with the UN Security Council, the head of Congolese diplomacy, Christophe Lutundula, demands an “unequivocal and determined” condemnation of Rwanda and the M23.

The president of the National Assembly, for his part, announced on Tuesday that his institution will make a diplomatic trip around the world to present to states and international organizations the dissatisfaction of the Congolese people, who “totally dislike the bad neighborhood with Rwanda.”

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