Roadside bomb explosion aims senior safety officer

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The security sector continues to be the target of relentless extremists in Somalia, with a senior security officer becoming the last person to narrowly escape an explosion that targeted his convoy in Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

The head of Somalia’s detention corps, General Mahad Abdirahman, escaped unharmed when a roadside bomb targeted his convoy in Mogadishu on Thursday morning, but it is not known why the attackers targeted his team, who is responsible for security in the city.

Three people were killed and five injured in the blast, which comes days after the al-Qaida-linked group; Al-Shabaab has taken responsibility for another raid targeting Turkish contractors working in Mogadishu. The attack also left five dead and several others injured.

An eyewitness said Thursday morning’s explosion was the result of a landmine that occurred around the residence of former President Abdikasim along the KM4-Tarabunka road in Mogadishu. Traditionally, terrorists have always targeted this road where most of the security guards are stationed.

No group has yet taken responsibility for the attack, but al-Shabaab militants are notorious for such raids, which target senior security officials, government officials, and those suspected of working closely with them. authorities. Sometimes innocent civilians are targeted by militants.

Since the start of this year, the group has carried out at least three major attacks in Somalia. In return, joint security forces led by the US Africa Command have stepped up the crackdown on militants in Lower Shebelle and several other notorious hot spots across the country.

Al-Shabaab remains a major security threat to Somalia, but the group has significantly lost strongholds such as the Lower Jubba areas which are under the command of the Kenya Defense Forces. The group is fighting to overthrow the fragile Somali administration backed by the UN.


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