Rescued: Bangladesh Ship Crew Welcomed Home After Harrowing Encounter with Somali Pirates

A crew member from the MV Abdullah ship reunited with his mother at Chattogram Port after being set free by Somali pirates. Twenty-three Bangladeshi cargo ship crew members returned home to an emotional welcome from their families after spending weeks in captivity.

The MV Abdullah, carrying over 55,000 tonnes of coal from Mozambique to the UAE, was captured by pirates about 550 nautical miles off the Somali coast in March. This incident occurred during a period of increased pirate activity, prompting international naval forces to increase patrols to protect ships from potential attacks.

M. Noor Uddin, one of the crew members, described the harrowing experience of fearing for his life during the capture. He was emotional when reuniting with his two-year-old son upon returning home. Chief engineer A.S.M Saifuzzaman shared that the crew’s time in captivity felt like a never-ending nightmare, with constant threats from the pirates.

Upon their return, family members eagerly awaited at the port to welcome back their loved ones, waving Bangladeshi flags as the crew disembarked. The Somali pirates released the MV Abdullah after a ransom was paid by the Bangladeshi owners, KSRM Group, in exchange for the crew’s freedom.

The vessel continued its journey to the UAE under the escort of two EU ships after the ransom was delivered. Despite receiving a letter of safe passage from the hijackers, promising no further attacks on their journey to Dubai, concerns about pirate activity in the Indian Ocean have escalated following recent incidents.

Huthi rebels have been involved in attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, targeting vessels they believe are linked to Israel. As a response to these threats, naval forces from various countries have taken action to prevent further attacks and rescue hijacked ships.

In a successful operation, Indian commandos rescued all 17 hostages from the Maltese-flagged MV Ruen seized in December by pirates. Thirty-five suspected pirates were apprehended and taken to Mumbai for prosecution.

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