relocation of 250 elephants to repopulate the park with

In Malawi, about 250 elephants are being relocated to repopulate a nationwide park in the midst of the nation. This is Kasungu Park the place the species had nearly disappeared. There had been solely about fifty species left 5 years in the past resulting from poaching. Since then, poaching has decreased, the inhabitants has elevated, however not sufficient to be viable.

These patchiderms will due to this fact be transmitted from Liwonde Park greater than 350 km away, the place they’re overcrowded. The relocation program began on Monday 27 June and is predicted to final one month. “It is a unique and complex process. You have to locate the elephants by helicopter … approach them and put them to sleep. Then, with the help of cranes, they are put in boxes, loaded on a truck to transport them to their new habitat, where they are unloaded and released into the wild, explains Patricio Ndadzela, head of the International Animal Welfare Fund in Malawi.

Developing ecotourism “We do not choose elephants very much. We try to capture a family, because elephants are very sociable animals and if you separate them they will take a long time to rebuild their family. So it is better to take a whole family, describes Patricio Ndadzela, 15 or 16 members, and when they get there they settle down faster and start reproducing.

“It is a program that is quite expensive. But you can put up to seven elephants on a truck. And it is a program that is very important for Malawi if we want to develop ecotourism and ensure that the population in the parks remains stable, ”mentioned the pinnacle of the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Malawi. Malawi is house to about 2,000 elephants. In complete, southern Africa is house to 70% of the continent’s elephant inhabitants.

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