Puntland Navy Seizes Arms and Disrupts Pirate Operations in Somalia

In a recent development, the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) revealed the capture of illegal weapons and the dismantling of a suspected pirates’ network in the coastal area of Eyl. This region is notorious for launching assaults on ships.

Details about the number of confiscated weapons and their intended use were not disclosed by the Puntland naval forces. The incident took place in northeast Somalia, which is a known stronghold for ISIS and al-Shabab extremist groups.

The PMPF confirmed that regional authorities are actively pursuing the pirates responsible for hijacking the MV Abdullah, a Bangladeshi cargo vessel. This ship was released by the pirates after prolonged negotiations and a hefty ransom worth $5 million.

With the recent arrest of eight pirates connected to the hijacking, Puntland demonstrates a firm stance against acts of piracy. Additionally, a Yemeni fishing boat was apprehended for engaging in unlawful activities within Puntland’s maritime borders.

A wave of Somali piracy made global headlines from 2008 to 2012 before international naval intervention, improved coordination, and intelligence sharing curbed such attacks. However, a recent wave of piracy resurgence attributed to regional turmoil and maritime security gaps has reignited concerns for international shipping in these critical waters.

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