Privatization of education around the world


Privatization has long gained a place all over the world.

Private schools and colleges contribute to the development of education, but thanks to family money and sometimes without state control as in Haiti. Some countries even benefit the private sector by offering education vouchers, leaving families free to choose between private and public, as in Chile, or by financing for each student from the private 85% of the amount allocated to the public, as in Sweden . . In addition, with the pandemic, some private facilities have closed their doors without playing their public service mission. Should we be worried about this development?

Xavier Pons, lecturer in educational science at the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) and coordinator of number 82 of the Revue Internationale d’études de Sèvres (France Éducation international, entitled

Paola Martinez Infante, Chilean freelance journalist

Zamblé Théodore Goin Bi, research professor at Péléforo Gon Coulibaly University in Korhogo (Ivory Coast)

With the participation of Didier Acouetey, CEO of the consulting company AfricSearch

At the end of the program, chronicle of Ibrahima Giroux, Parents, children, here and elsewhere : How to teach patience to children

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The weekly meeting to help parents with psychologist Ibrahima Giroux, UNICEF employee in Dakar


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