Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed rejects attempts at mediation in Tigray

In Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ultimatum expires on Wednesday. Humanitarian and politicians fear a bloodbath when the region is cut off from the world. Diplomats, international institutions and foreign powers try to encourage dialogue. But the Ethiopian authorities are still deafening the ear.

From our correspondent in the region, Sebastien nemeth

It is a clear refusal that Abiy Ahmed opposed on Wednesday against the attempts at mediation. The Ethiopian Prime Minister recalled that a “fundamental part of the international order” was “the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states”. It is obvious that an end to impermissibility to all steps in favor of dialogue.

Abiy Ahmed said “understand the efforts to help”. But for him, “the international community must stay in the background until the government submits a request for help.”

Words that seem to signify in advance the failure of the African Union’s last initiative. The department has decided to send three former presidents to Addis Ababa. “Ethiopia does not want to mediate. That’s a problem. But our goal is still to stop the war because the humanitarian consequences are catastrophic “, forgives a source to AU.

“The Prime Minister does not understand us”

The concern is all the greater as it goes out today an ultimatum from the federal government asks TPLF to give up. The ultimatum was rejected on Monday by the president of the Tigray region. “The Prime Minister does not understand us. We are a people of principle and ready to die to defend our right to govern our homeland, ”explained Debretsion Gebremichael. A brutality on both sides that makes Mekele fear a new bloodbath.

On Tuesday, the European Union called for humanitarian access to people in need. Brussels demands the application of international law. However, this is the law that Addis Ababa says it wants to restore. In this conflict, all positions seem to be poles apart.


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