Police in Jubbaland apprehend four individuals believed to be involved in piracy activities in Lower Jubba district

Kismayo (AX) – Police in Jubbaland State apprehended four individuals believed to be pirates, who were allegedly plotting to target ships in Somali waters following a security operation near Kismayo town. The operation occurred around 70 km south of Kismayo, the temporary capital of Jubbaland State, with two suspects managing to flee. Major Sadiq Mohamud, the commander of the police department in Lower Jubba, disclosed that they have identified individuals involved in funding piracy activities within Jubbaland. He mentioned that the detained individuals had intentions to seize ships and boats transporting goods in the Jubbaland region. Recently, the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) confiscated illicit weapons and dismantled a network of suspected pirates operating from Eyl, a coastal district known as a key location for launching assaults on international shipping. As per the PMPF statement released on Friday, local authorities are actively pursuing the pirates responsible for the hijacking of MV Abdullah, a Bangladeshi cargo vessel that was freed by Somali pirates last month after prolonged negotiations and a $5 million ransom payment.

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