Pirate Attack on Fishing Vessel Sparks Heightened Alert for Maritime Commerce

Today’s update reveals the seizure of a fishing boat by armed pirates off the coast of Somalia. Neptune P2P Group warns of escalating piracy incidents, with two pirate groups operating near Socotra and Eyl. The ship’s tracking system is currently inactive.

Neptune P2P Group predicts an increase in pirate attacks due to their profitability. They estimate pirates are expanding their operations up to 1000nm off the Somali coast. Atalanta reports two pirate groups active in the Socotra area and 500nm east of the island.

Last week, security guards on a tanker engaged in a gun battle with pirates. The Spanish frigate Canarias intervened, arrested the pirates, and provided medical aid. The suspects will be prosecuted in the Seychelles under a legal agreement.

Neptune P2P Group confirms 19 successful hijackings since November 2023. Atalanta documented a total of 31 piracy incidents by the end of April, prior to the recent attack and seizure.

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