overview of the 5 outdated editions

The sixth African Nations Championship (CHAN 2020) takes place from 16 January to 7 February in Cameroon. Opportunity to return to the first five editions of CHAN.

In September 2007, the African Football Confederation (CAF) decided to create a new competition to raise the level of players who played in African national championships and also give them more visibility. A few months later, Côte d’Ivoire was chosen to organize a first edition with 8 teams.

Abidjan and Bouaké welcome this CHAN 2009 in a good mood, even though the local elephants left pitifully in the first round.

On the lawns, the level of play from one match to the next is extremely uneven, with only three teams standing out: Zambia coached by young Hervé Renard, Ghana with some future Black Stars leaders like Agyemang Badu or Harrison Afful, and especially the DRC.

In the final, the Leopards, who lost 3-0 to the Ghanaians in the group stage, took their 2-0 revenge on the Black Stars. Thanks to the coronation of Robert Kidiaba and Trésor Mputu, the Congolese will fall in love with this new tournament.

In this second edition, CAF makes the decision to double the number of participating teams and that Sudan is hosting CHAN 2011. Between stadiums that are not completely renovated and lawns in poor condition, however, the Sudanese are not really ready.

On the pitch, the level of play from one match to the next is uneven, although it was generally higher than in relation to CHAN 2009. Some future professionals in Europe take the opportunity to reveal themselves to the public, such as Algerians Essaïd Belkalem and Hilal Soudani and in particular Tunisians Aymen Abdennour and Youssef Msakni.

Tunisia, over the party, rejects the other two favorites in the tournament, Algeria in the semi-finals and especially the DRC after a quarter-final full of excitement. In the final, the Carthage Eagles’ strong Angolan dominates 3-0.

Note that this CHAN in Sudan will remain the first major continental competition contested by Niger. A Mena stopped at sanctions in quarters by the Sudanese.

This CHAN was to take place in 2013 and in Libya. But between CAN’s passage to odd years and the Libyan civil war, this third final phase is finally postponed to 2014 and moved to South Africa.

The reception of South Africans, who have just hosted the 2010 World Cup and the 2013 African Cup in quick succession, is frankly timid. A lack of interest amplified by the premature elimination of Bafana Bafana. But thanks to the quality of the infrastructure, the start of the tournament was very good. He even gave birth to the most beautiful encounter in the history of the competition, a 4-3 victory for Nigerians in the quarter-finals, which were nonetheless led 3-0 by Morocco.

It is from the semifinals that things go wrong. The local players who are not used to playing so many high-level matches in such a short day mark … the pace. Results, sluggish 0-0 and penalty shootouts followed each other until the unexpected coronation of a Libya led by Spaniard Javier Clemente. The Libyans actually achieve the feat of winning CHAN 2014 thanks to a victory in the first round and then five draws …

For the Burundians and Mauretanians who played the first major football tournament in their history, this third edition would have been precious.

Back to the east of this fourth edition with a now well-established formula. Enthusiastic Rwandans welcome this CHAN 2016. Their momentum was nonetheless stopped in the quarterfinals by formidable Congolese readers, led by Florent Ibenge.

This final phase is certainly an opportunity for West Africa to cut out the lion’s share with Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea in the last four. But on arrival, it is the DRC that wins and wins another coronation after 2011, despite a clearly rejuvenated workforce.

A productive tournament with 80 goals scored and an average of 2.5 goals per game. Match, two records for CHAN.

CHAN 2018 is much less spectacular, with only 58 goals scored and an average of 1.81 goals per game. Match. This fifth edition boils down to a demonstration of Morocco, whether it is by the quality of the organization and its infrastructure or by the superiority of the team.

The Moroccans were not supposed to host this competition, but Kenya was not ready on time. The Lions took the opportunity to sweep their opponents at home with 16 goals scored in 6 matches, including 9 for Ayoub El Kaabi alone, top scorer and player in this African Nations Championship. The final is one-sided with a 4-0 victory over Nigeria.

Will Cameroon do as well as Morocco on the occasion of CHAN 2020?

[1] The African Football Confederation has decided that the competition will continue to be called the TOTAL African Nations Championship Cameroon 2020, despite the tournament being postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.


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