opponent Bobi Wine prosecuted but was released on bail


President Yoweri Museveni’s main opponent in Uganda’s presidential election was accused on November 20 of “acts likely to spread a contagious disease” and “violations of Covid-19 rules”. He was then released. Bobi Wine was arrested two days ago for violating sanitation rules during an election rally.

Bobi Wine is accused of violating Covid-19 measures to bring together more than 200 people at one of his November 18 rallies; his lawyers accuse the regime of using anti-Covid-19 measures to prevent it from campaigning. Several opposition candidates have also suspended their campaign in protest.

“It was like a war”

His arrest had been triggered the anger of his followers who took to the streets. According to the latest police charge, 37 people died and about 45 were injured. The press is talking about forty victims and tolls continue to rise. Security forces are accused of using excessive force to disperse the protesters and to shoot live ammunition at the crowd.

“Police fired randomly anywhere,” said a woman whose shop is in central Kampala. Every time they saw a group of people they shot. They threw tear gas in front of us while we were sitting in the car, stuck in traffic. They shouted at us, “Go.” But we did not know where to go. I almost had an accident. There was smoke in front of me, next to me. It was like a war. ”

Pictures circulating on social media also show the police shooting a woman at her window, filming with her mobile phone, as well as heavily armed men in civilian clothes shooting in the air on the street. On November 20, the situation is calm in the capital but still very tense. The center of Kampala is completely deserted, the shops are closed and the security forces are deployed in large numbers.

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