Northeastern State’s Top Cop Charges Security Force with Repeated Officer Assaults

Bosaso (AX) – Major General Muumin Abdi Shire, the top dog of Northeastern State Police, cried foul against the Northeastern State Security Force (PSF), pointing fingers and alleging relentless harassment of his officers.

He particularly blamed the PSF for an assault on Bosaso’s central clink, which left two cops injured, adding that PSF operatives snatched two officers accused of stirring trouble in Bosaso midweek.

“We apologize to the public for the frequent grave crimes. Our gripe is with the president of Northeastern State and this intolerable situation hampering our police work in Bosaso,” declared Muumin.

Major General Muumin underscored that PSF forces have a habit of antagonizing Northeastern State police, causing casualties and injuries, and accused them of offloading illicit arms at Bosaso port.

On the flip side, the PSF command rebuffed the police chief’s accusations. In a missive on Thursday, PSF disclaimed any authorization of the Bosaso ruckus, instead blaming rogue members avenging kinfolk arrests.

They revealed those implicated were detained for inquiry, and shot back that the police boss was deflecting from the abduction of PSF spokesman, Mohamud Jamal Doho, in Garowe. PSF demanded his immediate release.

The PSF is a maverick armed outfit not aligned with current Northeastern State authority. President Deni’s prior attempt to boot their commander ignited fierce strife in Bosaso.

With Yankee backing, the PSF is helmed by General Mohamud Osman Diyano, sibling to General Asad Osman Diyano.

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