Northeastern State’s Leader Deni Calls for Immediate Direct International Aid and Budget Support Amidst Federal Clashes

Garowe (AX) – Said Abdullahi Deni, the head honcho of Northeastern State, has called on Somalia’s international pals to cook up a new system for multilateral development banks. This would allow them to directly dish out humanitarian assistance, development aid, and budget support to Northeastern State, especially as the political mudslinging between Northeastern State and the federal bigwigs escalates.

On Sunday, President Deni fired off a letter to the global community, pointing fingers at the federal government for twisting donor aid and budget support into political tools, all aimed at hobbling Northeastern State. He claimed that this shenaniganry has been ramping up ever since he got re-elected.

“Since my re-election, I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern of Mogadishu using donor aid for sketchy political schemes. For the past 18 months, they’ve been meddling with projects and funds allocated to Northeastern State. We’ve flagged this to the multilateral development banks and donor community more times than I can count,” the letter states.

Deni highlighted that his administration has bent over backwards trying to hash things out with multilateral banks, donors, and even the folks in Mogadishu to smooth over any technical snags.

“Sadly, none of our efforts have panned out. Despite being all-in on dialogue and negotiation, Mogadishu has been spreading fake news and false info, accusing Northeastern State of being uncooperative. In reality, it seems Mogadishu’s endgame is undermining Northeastern State’s stability,” the letter elaborated.

The letter from the regional boss hammered home the point that Mogadishu’s antics trash the constitutional mandate and ignore the shaky ground Somalia stands on, putting national unity and stability at risk.

Deni made a desperate plea to Somalia’s friends, both bilateral and multilateral, to grasp the seriousness of the situation and back Northeastern State in getting much-needed aid, unhindered by Mogadishu’s political meddling.

“We need a new setup where multilateral banks can directly support Northeastern State. I ask our bilateral and multilateral allies to back these efforts, aiming at a more thriving Northeastern State and Somalia. I implore you to wield your influence to safeguard democracy, uphold the rule of law, and foster peace across Somalia,” he asserted.

Back in March, Northeastern State’s administration officially distanced itself from the Federal Government of Somalia, slamming recent constitutional changes as a betrayal of the federal pact uniting the country. These amendments, greenlit by the Somali Federal Parliament, have stirred political chaos and raised alarms about national cohesion.

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