Northeastern State Security Forces Intercept Explosives and Capture Suspect in Bold Anti-Terror Operation in Bosaso

In Bosaso, Northeastern State’s maritime forces nabbed a suspect and seized dangerous materials after operations in the area. Among the confiscated items were hand grenades linked to recent explosions in the city.

The missions focused on individuals believed to have ties to terrorist organizations like Al-Shabaab and ISIS-Somalia, rumored to have secret bases in the mountains of Bari region. However, the official statement did not specify the suspect’s particular group affiliation.

The naval command’s statement indicated that the explosives were intended to harm Bosaso’s residents. The vehicles seized were allegedly used to transport the grenades used in the attacks.

Despite these events, Bosaso’s overall security situation has been relatively calm recently. The city has a history of political tensions stemming from conflicts between the Northeastern State Marine Police Force (PMPF) and the Northeastern State Security Force (PSF), which are rooted in disagreements between President Deni and Asad Osman Diyano.

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