Northeastern State requires resignation from the head safety chiefs

AXADLE, Somalia, Northeastern State has stated the current suspension in Somalia, amid growing international pressure on the regime of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, in what could once again change the dimensions of the ongoing political impasse.

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In a three-page document, Garowe now wants to resign from the Somali National Army [SNA] Chief General Yusuf Rageh Odowaa, National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] Chief Fahad Yasin and the Chief of Police, referring to the recent chaos in the capital Mogadishu.

Citing outrageous use of force in Friday’s demonstrations, Northeastern State said the current regime should apologize to Somalis and argued that in the office they should use the opportunity to apologize to the public, in addition to resigning to pave the way for other officers.

Northeastern State condemned the use of force against the protesters and insisted that the public has the power to show dissatisfaction with the regime, adding that picketing should not be criminalized. This was the first time the state emphatically opened up about the current wet grass.

It said the SNA chief, NISA chief and police chiefs should resign over the violence against innocent civilians on February 19, adding that outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has no choice but to implement the changes.

The State also required Farmaajo to sign a decree limiting the executive and legislative powers of the Presidency and Parliament in addition to annulling all legislation approved by Parliament after 27 December 2020 and Farmajo’s executive decision after 8 February as a condition for implementation on 17 September.

Farmajo’s term expired on February 8, with Parliament also expiring in December last year, a step that has raised questions of legitimacy among both the executive and the congregation. The country has not yet held elections based on the September agreement before the election, which has not yet been held.

Northeastern State further said it was keen to help carry out the electoral process but insisted that future meeting places in Mogadishu should be secured to prevent incidents of top presidential candidates targeting the regime.


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