Northeastern State Military Court Hands Down Death Sentences and Prison Terms to Four Al-Shabab Operatives

In Bosaso, a Northeastern State military court handed down sentences on four individuals linked to the al-Shabab militant group.
One suspect, Mohamud Mohamed Ahmed (Qeyliye), was found in collaboration with the Northeastern State leader of al-Shabab.
Qeyliye was found responsible for driving the vehicle that transported gunmen for planned attacks, leading to the deaths of two people in Bosaso.
He received a death sentence.
Abdikhadar Mohamed Shire, also implicated as a driver for al-Shabab, received a 15-year prison term.
Ibrahim Abdi Isse (Qaloocow), accused of fixing the group’s vehicles in Bosaso, was sentenced to nine years in prison.
Mohamud Abdirisaaq Gurase, accused of aiding Abdikhadar Mohamed Shire, received a three-year prison sentence.

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