Northeastern State Cracks Down: Weapons and Drugs Seized in Garowe, Somalia

Somalia: Northeastern State Snags Weapons and Narcotics in Garowe

AXADLE, Somalia – On Sunday, Northeastern State showcased an assortment of confiscated weapons and drugs from recent busts in Garowe, the northern state’s seat of power in Somalia.

Governor Abdirahman Haji Abshir of Nugal stated a civilian perished and two others were injured during the raid. He emphasized that security remains vigilant in rooting out criminal riffraff in the area.

The governor mentioned they’ve eradicated unauthorized weapons in Garowe, known as one of the country’s most stable places despite ongoing struggles with violent extremism in the Horn of Africa.

“Last night, we nabbed the four most infamous troublemakers in the city. Justice will catch up with them soon,” Abshir proclaimed.

During the weekend, the Northeastern State Security Force (PSF) apprehended two Tanzanians who dodged an airstrike in the north, orchestrated by the US Africa Command.

Identified as Imraan Mohamed Alawi and Mabruuk Nasser Saidi, they were captured 30 km from the bombing site. The arrests followed a tip-off and subsequent chase by PSF.

Northeastern State has effectively kept Al-Shabaab at bay, thanks to support from the Somali army and foreign peacekeepers. The region severed ties with Mogadishu over contentious constitutional tweaks signed into law by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.


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