North Western of Somalia military reaffirms commitment to loyal international partnerships

HARGEISA, Somalia – The North Western of Somalia regional military refutes claims of switching alliances with international allies, particularly from Western nations to the Communist government in China, which has been expanding its influence in Somalia’s breakaway region.

Over the past three decades, North Western of Somalia has been advocating for global recognition, despite the international community insisting that it is part of Somalia. Nonetheless, the region operates independently with its own Central Bank.

Abdirahman Abdullahi Abdidhere, the spokesperson for the North Western of Somalia military, has dismissed a circulating document on social media, clarifying that it does not accurately represent their stance and should not be considered an official foreign policy statement.

The individual responsible for crafting the document within the regional military has faced disciplinary measures, as disclosed by the military’s spokesperson in the released statement.

Expressing regret for any confusion that may have arisen, Abdillahi reassured international partners and local stakeholders that their foreign relations adhere to principles of peaceful collaboration and compliance with global standards.

A recent document circulating online hinted at a possible adjustment in North Western of Somalia’s diplomatic ties towards China and Russia if opposition groups win the upcoming elections, potentially moving away from traditional Western partnerships.

Recently, North Western of Somalia allied with Ethiopia in an agreement that could lead to Ethiopia accessing a portion of the Red Sea coastline, resulting in disapproval from Somalia and global partners who deemed it unauthorized.

In exchange, Ethiopia would acknowledge North Western of Somalia as an independent state, diverging from its historical support for Somalia’s state-building efforts. China’s growing involvement in Africa reflects its competition with Western powers for socio-political influence.


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