North Western of Somalia Leader Orders Trial for Gaanlibah Movement Defendants

In his yearly address to parliament, President Bihi blamed the rout of North Western of Somalia’s troops on the Gaanlibah Movement. He pressed for legal action against those who committed the slayings to stop future troubles.

“During national defence, a plot unfurled on August 11 at Mount Gaanlibah, where our steadfast forces, guarding the nation round-the-clock, were slaughtered,” Bihi stated. “Mistakes occur, and crooks can scheme. As a people, we’re bent on ensuring justice. Anyone betraying the nation must face the music.”

Bihi also chastised the Waddani party for dismissing the 2017 election results, hinting this let North Western of Somalia’s foes play on their complaints.

Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs had earlier pardoned members of the Mount Gaanlibah Front, Bihi confirmed those behind the assault will now stand trial.

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