New tightening of anticovid measures in

Encountered by another wave of pollution and a significant increase in deaths, the government extended the curfew at 1 p.m. 20 for two weeks on Tuesday, January 5, and banned travel between the various districts of the country.

as reported from Kigali, Laure broulard

Sad result after the holidays. December was the deadliest month since the pandemic started in Rwanda. Nearly half of the hundred deaths the country has known have been recorded in recent weeks.

The daily positivity rate fell from less than 1% in early November to a record 7.6% on Monday. The error of a relaxation of the population during the year celebrates according to the authorities.

Kl. 20 curfews are therefore extended by two weeks, while restaurants and shops must close at. Travel between the different districts of the country is also prohibited, except for medical reasons, or for tourists who, however, must have a negative test.

The authorities also encourage the population to be tested as much as possible. Rapid antigen tests for a maximum of 10 euros are now available in around 40 private clinics across the country.


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