new demonstration in opposition to fifth time period

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For the fourth week in a row, a demonstration was held on Saturday 23 January in Djibouti against a fifth term by President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, a candidate for his own legacy. Activists from the opposition Radde party gathered in the Boulaos district of Djibouti city.

as reported from Nairobi, Sébastien Németh

The Radde party must exercise discretion in organizing its demonstrations. The day, the hour, the place is only revealed at the last minute.

Above all, it is no longer the direction the policy of the organizational party. “Our requests are systematically rejected. So we authorized our base. The activists do everything, ”explains Abdourahman Mohamed Guelleh, who condemns the arbitrary detention of two sympathizers for nine days.

Rade’s chairman was summoned to him twice a month by the police. “We want to show that the people can take their fate into their own hands. This fifth election period can destabilize the country, “he said, adding that his party would not vote.

For spokesman for the majority, these demonstrations “are not credible”. Daoud Houmed adds that the fifth term is legal, making the comparison with the four terms for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

USN, for its part, rejects the composition of the Electoral Commission. According to the opposition coalition, Ceni is not independent. The movement already describes the future election as a “masquerade along the way”.

Other parties are considering actions. PDD allows for consultation with other groups. “The boycott does not work. One thinks rather of demonstrations, forcing the president to give up and accept a transition, declares his president Mohamed Daoud Chehem.

Unrealistic demands, say the majority. For Daoud Houmed, the opponents just have to be candidates. “If you want projects for the country, you have to be elected,” he said.


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