Mudavadi prioritizes strong ties between Kenya and Somalia for improved diplomatic relations

Mudavadi expressed optimism about maintaining warm, friendly relations rooted in shared history, culture, borders, and trade at the Kenya-Somalia Joint Commission for Cooperation in Nairobi. As Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Relations, he highlighted the importance of governments collaborating to promote citizen engagement and broaden the scope of their connections. Noting the enduring partnership since the 1960s, Mudavadi praised the establishment of the JCC as a vital mechanism for enhancing mutual cooperation. He commended the progress made in implementing resolutions following the previous JCC, emphasizing the economic benefits and investments that underpin the countries’ relationship. Mudavadi also acknowledged the resumption of Kenya Airways flights and the approval of freighter services by the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, further boosting economic ties. The third session of the JCC aimed to strengthen bilateral relations, with technical officials engaging in in-depth discussions to address various issues. Mudavadi praised Somalia’s accession to the East African Community and highlighted its potential to become a key player in regional trade and investment. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting economic development, stability, and addressing challenges within the region.

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