Mali will initiate proceedings to shut down RFI and

In Mali, the Ministry of Territorial Administration publishes a press release announcing its intention to initiate proceedings to shut down the RFI and France 24 channels. France Médias Monde (FMM), the parent company of RFI and France 24, notes and regrets this advertisement.

The FMM Group announces that it is studying all methods of appeal to ensure that such a decision is not implemented. France Médias Monde reiterates its commitment to freedom of information and to the professional and balanced work of its journalistic teams.

The French authorities responded quickly with a statement from Quai d’Orsay: “France regrets the announcement by the Malian authorities to initiate proceedings to suspend the broadcasting of RFI and France 24, as well as the restrictions imposed on all Malian media. These measures constitute serious attacks. France strongly condemns, out of respect for the memory of the victims of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, the unacceptable and irresponsible merger made by the transitional authorities with Radio Mille Collines, in their official press release of March 16, 2022. France reaffirms its constant and resolute commitment to freedom of the press, freedom of expression and the protection of journalists and all those whose expression contributes to free and plural information and to public debate, all over the world, and expresses its concern at the serious allegations of abuse allegedly committed in the middle of the country; have been documented independently and which can not n is ignored. “

“The sign of a race forward towards the worst” for the French president. Asked at a press conference this afternoon, Emmanuel Macron considered the Malian junta’s decision “serious” and “the sign of” a race against the worst “for the Sahelian country.” I strongly condemn a decision that totally contradicts the values the Malian people and Mali have enjoyed its independence since then, “he added.

“I appeal to ECOWAS, the regional organization, and to the African Union to make the appropriate decisions, and which France will support as we have done each time. […] so that both violence and […] the closure, denial of information and journalists’ right to free information can end, ”the French president continued.

“Unacceptable” for the European Union The European Union also reacted. Nabila Massrali, spokesperson for Josep Borrel, Head of European Diplomacy, regretted this decision.

We have seen the announcements from the Malian government to shut down RFI and France 24. We consider this unacceptable. We deplore this decision and the unfounded accusations by attacking the freedom of the press, the freedom to inform and to be informed. The junta continues and confirms its headline rush.

Nabila Massrali, spokesperson for Josep Borrel, Head of European Diplomacy

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