M23 rejects the conclusions of the UN report

M23 rejects the conclusions of the UN report published on Thursday, August 4, namely that the rebel movement received support from the Rwandan army on Congolese soil from November to June. The details of Lawrence Kanyuka, spokesman for the political wing of the armed group.

Lawrence Kanyuka, spokesman for the armed group’s political wing, believes that this is manipulation on the part of the UN, while the UN mission in Congo, Monusco, is weakened in the DRC. He was joined by Claire Fagesfrom the Africa editorial office at AXADLE.

“On June 14, 2022, when the report of the UN experts came out, there was no mention anywhere with evidence of the involvement of Rwanda together with M23. How after a few days, weeks we fraudulently manage to insert certain additions to blink to the Congolese government to quell the anger of the protesters and overshadow the situation in Kasindi, where many of our compatriots have been injured, and to ‘others killed by UN bullets’

AXADLE: So you refute the conclusions of this report?

“Yes, we totally refute them, it is something that is done in haste when we start to push back certain members of Monusco, (to) expel them from the country; and at the same time let’s not forget that the Congolese of the government itself coins a certain lobbyist so that the situation turns in his favor.

M23 rejects the report’s conclusions RD CONGO / RWANDA _Son SOIR M23 reaction to the UN report on the support of the Rwandan army 3 hours

According to Lawrence Kanyuka, M23 acts as a scapegoat for the Congolese authorities before the elections. He is waiting for the government to come to Bunagana to hold negotiations there, after the failure of the ceasefire in April. “We are not fighting to conquer space. We signed a unilateral ceasefire on April 1 this year, but the Congolese government attacks us every day. We are defending ourselves and if the government wants it, all they have to do is come, they know where to find us, we will talk to Bunagana.

Regarding the question of whether we should liberate the town of Bunagana, it is a town in the DRC and we are Congolese, some of us were born there, our parents are there, so we will not liberate it. go where? It is a Congolese town, if the Congolese government wants to talk, they only have to come to Bunagana.

(We are presented) as the scapegoat because there are elections coming up; we will create chaos, everything will be in the name of Rwanda, everything will be in the name of M23, so they are the bad ones, that’s why there were no elections, we want to see change… All these stories we know and we want not to be scapegoated, we are ready to work with everyone to bring peace and security to our country.”

M23 awaits negotiations 62 – RD CONGO / RWANDA _Hans MATIN M23 awaits negotiations in Bunagana

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