live shows and debates to have fun the fiftieth anniversary of

To have fun the fiftieth anniversary of May 13, 1972, which many name “true independence”, or “Malagasy May 68”, inventive scenes, debates and testimonies of “sextiodouzards” had been organized on the Place du 13 May. It is a vital date within the nation’s historical past, when the scholar strikes originally of 1972 took on a nationwide and well-liked dimension, after the Republican safety forces fired on the group.

as reported from Antananarivo, Sarah Tetaud

Knees in increased calls for, they demand change within the schooling system. They are college students of 72, painted on a fresco of twenty highschool college students from the capital. Oni ny Aina, a 1st 12 months scholar at Jules Ferry High School, seems with admiration at these seventy douzards, which she has represented within the portray: “It is really impressive because we, at our age, who were theirs at the time, we would “There are many strikes right here, however 72, it actually made historical past.”

The young woman regrets that their claim has not been successful. “When it involves schooling for all, Malgachization, it has probably not yielded seen outcomes. Today, it’s tough to be pleased with ourselves, as a result of every little thing we do comes from schooling in French. To be actually proud, we might should do one thing in Madagascar: it could come from us. We at all times have the impression that our independence is only a worm, and that we’re in fact nonetheless depending on the French language and on the French, on their tradition. We truly do identical to them. Just have a look at us! »

“Malagachization is what allowed me to be myself” A couple of minutes after I went on stage to mild the esplanade of Ankatso, Bekoto, the singer-guitarist’s flagship The Mahaleo GroupThe “Malagasy Beatles” as they’re known as, declare that he has his profession as an artist to thank 72 May:

“Malagachisation is what allowed me to be myself. By creating in Malagasy, speaking Malagasy, singing in Malagasy, reasoning in Malagasy, I had become myself. Because at that time I loved French songs, English songs, and it is here [en écrivant des « protest-songs » pour animer les grèves, NDLR]that I learned Malagasy. ”

In the front row, at the foot of the podium, Armand Rasoamiaramanana, a convinced seventies douzard, who was shot on May 13, 72, begins to dream in the midst of these hundreds of young people who have come to attend today’s concerts. .

“I would love them to boost the torch, not towards the French, as we do in ’72, however towards the insurance policies pursued by the present regime. Let them combat for his or her future, for his or her schooling system. To see all these kids, who’re thirsty for schooling, and at the identical time seeing that there was no optimistic change since my time, it makes me very frightened about them.

Photo exhibitions depicting this important interval in Madagascar’s historical past can be found in numerous locations in town till the top of the month.

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