Key Political Figures from Jubbaland, Southwest, and Galmudug Unite in Mogadishu for National Consultative Conference

In a recent development, the Presidents of Southwest, Jubbaland, and Galmudug states arrived in Mogadishu amid ongoing regional disputes. They gathered for the National Consultative Council meeting to discuss terrorism and constitutional reforms.

The arrival of these regional leaders is a crucial step in promoting dialogue at the national level. They were warmly received by a delegation led by Minister Ali Yusuf Ali Hosh upon their arrival in Mogadishu.

This meeting follows several delays and setbacks, including the withdrawal of Puntland. This has raised concerns about the inclusivity and effectiveness of the summit. The NCC summit was initially scheduled for April but was postponed due to escalating tensions among federal and regional leaders.

The primary goal of the meeting is to address important issues such as counter-terrorism strategies and the finalization of Somalia’s constitution. These discussions are essential in shaping the country’s governance and political future.

Puntland’s absence from the summit highlights deeper divisions within Somalia’s federal structure. Recent constitutional changes have granted the President more power and aim to implement direct universal suffrage in future elections. Puntland’s refusal to engage without legal frameworks in place has further strained relations with the federal government.

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