Kenyan President Delays School Reopening Amid Rising Flood Deaths: Over 200 Lives Lost

Kenya and other areas in East Africa are facing a serious flooding crisis, with over 150,000 individuals displaced and now residing in various camps scattered throughout the nation. Initially planned to resume classes this week, schools have had their reopening postponed by the education ministry for another week. Many institutions are currently underwater or damaged, creating uncertainty for students as they await new reopening dates. Some of the displaced have sought shelter in schools temporarily while the government arranges for their relocation to designated camps. Authorities have issued a directive for residents living near 178 dams and reservoirs to either evacuate voluntarily or face mandatory removal. Water levels at key hydroelectric dams have surged to unprecedented levels, prompting warnings for those living downstream along the Tana River. Tragically, recent incidents include a boat capsizing on the river, leading to the deaths of seven individuals and leaving 13 others missing. Additionally, a passenger bus was swept away from a bridge along the same river just last month. Criticisms have been directed at the government for what some perceive as an insufficient response to the ongoing flooding crisis. In Tanzania, more than 155 individuals have lost their lives due to the floods, with Cyclone Hidaya set to impact coastal regions. The impact of the flooding extends to neighboring countries such as Burundi, Ethiopia, and Somalia, affecting hundreds of people in various ways.

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