Kenyan police prosecute al-Shabaab activists

NAIROBI, Kenya – A contingent of Kenyan police are currently pursuing six al-Shabaab militants who attacked a passenger bus in northeastern Wajir on Wednesday in the latest attack on Kenyan soil, amid ongoing operations in the border between Kenya and Somalia.

According to police reports, militants armed with AK-47 rifles stopped AlMukaram Bus on its way to Nairobi from Mandera in northeast Kenya and stole 40,000 shillings from a bus driver. [364 U.S. dollars] and valuables of passengers.

They fired a shot in the air and ordered all passengers on board to get off the bus. They separated the men and women and questioned men asking them if they were carrying non-locals (Christians) in their buses and also among them if there were any officials, ”police said in a report. incident filed Tuesday evening.

Afterwards, the activists took food after stealing money from the bus driver and warned him not to transport non-locals on their bus, police added, noting that he was the first incident in the region in as many months.

Police said the extremists later released the bus to continue their journey without harming any of the commuters. The same stretch [Kotulo area] has been troublesome for days as al-Shabab militants stage attacks on different days, leaving a trail of death and destruction.

Already, more security agents have been sent to the scene to prosecute assailants who allegedly crossed the porous border into neighboring Somalia, police said, adding that a contingent of the Kenyan defense forces [KDF] had also been sent to the region.

Somali militants abducted civilians and targeted military and police vehicles by ambushing or planting explosives on the road in the northeast region, particularly in Mandera and Garissa counties.

Earlier this week, Mandera Governor Ali Roba voiced concerns over the growing number of activists in the northeast region, saying the government should urgently find a lasting solution. Mandera, Wajir and Garissa are among the areas that Al-Shabaab is trying to dominate in Kenya.

Many people, mostly non-locals or Christians, lost their lives and others were left permanently injured as a result of attacks organized by the militants.


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