Kenya springs into action with helicopters and boats to aid ongoing flood crisis

In Kenya’s western Nyando area, ongoing air and water operations are working to rescue families trapped in their homes due to sweeping floods. Last Saturday, the River Nyando overflowed, engulfing several villages and halting traffic on the busy Kisumu-Nairobi highway. More than 1,000 households were compelled to abandon their homes, as local media documented. Although no casualties have been reported yet, the water levels are continuing to rise, according to local authorities. A collaborative effort between the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Coast Guard Services, and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is utilizing boats and helicopters to access the submerged villages. A KWS helicopter is currently airlifting those who have been rescued, as concerns mount that numerous families spent the night in the cold within the affected areas. Meanwhile, the government is in the process of evacuating additional individuals from flood-prone regions. President William Ruto recently announced that the government would provide each impacted family with $70 (£60) to aid in securing alternate housing for a period of three months. Nationally, the floods have resulted in the loss of 228 lives since March, and 72 individuals are still unaccounted for according to government statistics. Fortunately, both Kenya and neighboring Tanzania were spared from extensive damage caused by Cyclone Hidaya, which significantly weakened after hitting land on Saturday.

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