Kenya Hosts Conference to Bridge Skills Gap in East Africa

Yohana Mawaka showcases his project in a photo taken by Faraja Goodluck.

In Nairobi, experts gathered to discuss bridging skills gaps in East Africa by enhancing academia-industry relationships. The East Africa Private Sector Academia Forum drew over 100 participants, including academia, private sector representatives, and government officials. The event focused on fostering collaboration between academia and industry to drive digital innovation and skill development.

Gaspard Banyankimbona, executive secretary of the Inter-University Council of East Africa, highlighted the importance of aligning tertiary education with the private sector’s needs to produce skilled graduates. He emphasized the need to upskill professionals through joint initiatives between academia and the private sector.

John Bosco Kalisa, CEO of the East African Business Council, expressed readiness from the business community to invest in research and development in partnership with educational institutions. He stressed the importance of educational institutions focusing on training students in high-demand areas to address skills mismatch and high unemployment rates in the region.

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