KDF forces ambush Al-Shabaab in Mandera close to

KDF forces ambush Al-Shabaab in Mandera near Somali border

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MANDERA, Kenya – Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] On Saturday, troops ambushed al-Shabaab militants in the Mandera North constituency just days after Governor Ali Roba called for strengthening the national government for the resurgence of Al-Shabaab in the region.

Reports say that troops killed one of the militants in addition to capturing another during an encounter that lasted several minutes in the porous region. The operation took place between Guticha and the village of Olla in northern Mandera according to reports.

After the incident, special forces showed the body of the activist and the man who had been arrested for a photoshoot. The captive will now go to a military court for trial, which is often done in complete secrecy in accordance with KDF regulations.

The northeastern part of Kenya has grappled with the threat of Al-Shabaab for several years now and efforts to defeat the militants appear to have been close. Activists, Governor Roba said, have taken over nearly 60 percent of Mandera’s landmass, adding that urgent government intervention is needed.

But Nairobi refuted Roba’s claims, saying the terrorist threat had been significantly reduced by authorities, given the lower number of terrorism cases last year. The government insists that al-Shabaab activities in Wajir, Mandera and Garissa have been thwarted.

Currently, a Special Forces team is working in the area, some operating from various forward operating bases, including the recently launched Modika Barracks in Garissa. The station covers KDF soldiers working in Somalia.

Last year, the US Africa Command formally asked the Defense Ministry to start carrying out airstrikes in northeast Kenya, but President Uhuru Kenyatta rejected this approach. The United States withdrew its troops from Somalia but carried out airstrikes.



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