Joe Biden-Cyril Ramaphosa, a meeting to overcome

The South African president will be received by his American counterpart on Friday 16 September at the White House. Washington and Pretoria want to revive their bilateral relations after the Trump years and despite their differences, especially over the war in Ukraine.

as reported from Johannesburg, Roman song

When the US talks to South Africa, so is that to the African continent which they address. Joe Biden and Cyril Ramaphosa should therefore, during their scheduled interview at the White House on Friday, September 16, discuss the angry issues in Africa.

On the agenda therefore: climate change and support for the energy transition, the threat of Islamic terrorism in northern Mozambique, food insecurity caused by the war in Ukraine, and of course the war in Ukraine itself. South Africa retains one uneven position in total opposition to the American condemnations of Russia.

#AMCEN is one of this continent’s leading organizations for action and implementation. Our challenges are too great for a single nation – or group of nations – to solve alone.

17 of the world’s 20 most climate-vulnerable countries are on this continent. (1/6)

— Presidential Special Envoy John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) September 15, 2022 But shared economic interests outweigh differences. The US is South Africa’s third largest trading partner after China and the EU. Burdened by mass unemployment and weakened by two and a half years of Covid-19, South Africa needs to take care of its relationships.

Having excelled in condemning“vaccination apartheid” which African countries would fall victim to, Cyril Ramaphosa could call not to leave the economies of the continent, which have suffered from the pandemic, to the sidelines. Accustomed to the G7, the South African president had to once again play his role as ambassador for Africa.

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