Jesuit Ludovic Lado stopped in his march for peace

Father Ludovic Lado left Douala on Monday for the capital Yaoundé, which he expected to reach on October 22. A “pilgrimage” according to him was intended to promote “peace” in the English-speaking northeast and northwest country.

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The Jesuit also planned to meet the spokesman for the opponent Maurice Kamto. But the police did not give him the opportunity. The religious were arrested on Tuesday, October 13 and driven back to Douala.

It was around noon. 18 Tuesday when police brought Ludovic Lado back to the front row. Not without hesitation with the direction. Father Lado was arrested in Edéa as he began the second phase of what he calls his “pilgrimage.”

The police car he gets into first takes the road to Yaoundé. But when we arrive at a police station along National Road 3, the police finally decide to turn towards Douala. According to the Jesuit, known for his opposition to President Paul Biya, police are asking him many questions about his real desires.

“We are in a very cold moment” in Cameroon, the priest estimates. Ludovic Lado is sure: “the very idea of ​​a march makes the regime’s supporters shake”. Especially since the September 22 demonstrations. Demonstration suppressed and for which opposition activists are being prosecuted for “terrorism, insurgency”.

Father Lado also intended to focus on their situation by meeting with Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesman for Maurice Kamto. However, there are only three, he assures, including a photographer and a man on a motorcycle for logistics. And the central goal of his march, according to him, is to end what he calls a “dirty and unnecessary war” in the English-speaking areas of Cameroon.

Can a priest face all this? My heart answers me “NO!” “Exclaims the religious. The pastor says he was influenced by the recent encyclical of Pope Francis. He assumes his political views against Biya.” I have the right to do so as any citizen, “he said. But Ludovic Lado hammers in an open letter: “I do not go to demand that those in power leave”.

Stationed in Chad, the religious will have to put an end to his march for lack of time. But he promises to put the cover back “as soon as possible”.