Israel’s Authorities Vigilant Against Potential ICC Arrest Warrants for Gaza Conflict

The ICC has not hinted at imminent arrest warrants or commented on the recent claims. Israeli officials have mentioned an ICC inquiry initiated three years ago into possible war crimes committed by Israel and Palestinian fighters since the 2014 Israel-Hamas conflict. The probe also focuses on Israel’s establishment of settlements in occupied areas like the West Bank.

‘Senior Israeli officials have asked for guarantees from the ICC that Israel will not be singled out, suggesting any action might be construed as “anti-Semitism”.’

Foreign Minister Israel Katz urged the ICC on Sunday to remove any threat of targeting Israelis over the conflict, which has led to the deaths of more than 34,000 Palestinians and pushed many towards starvation.

“We anticipate the court [ICC] to refrain from issuing warrants for the arrest of high-ranking Israeli political and security figures,” Katz stated.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Friday that Israel “will never tolerate any efforts by the ICC to undermine its inherent right to self-defense.”

Israel initiated its most recent action on the Gaza Strip on October 7 after Hamas attacked southern Israel, resulting in the death of 1,139 people.

“The threat of seizing the soldiers and officials of the only democratic nation in the Middle East and the world’s only Jewish state is unacceptable. We will not yield to it,” Netanyahu wrote on the social media platform X.

Israel is not part of the court and rejects its authority, but the Palestinian region was recognized as a member state in 2015.

In October, ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan confirmed the court’s jurisdiction over potential war crimes committed by Hamas fighters in Israel and Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Khan mentioned that his team is looking into possible crimes in Gaza, and those found guilty will be accountable.

The ICC investigation – which addresses allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide – is distinct from a genocide lawsuit filed against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.

The ICJ, also known as the World Court, is a UN tribunal that resolves conflicts between nations.

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