Israeli Forces Launch Aggressive Assault on Gaza, Advance into Central Rafah

On Friday, Israeli forces bombarded Gaza, focusing on Rafah, a city in the south, in the ongoing war.

The military entered Rafah in May despite objections over civilian safety on Gaza’s border with Egypt.

A recent airstrike in a displacement camp caused outrage after sparking a fire that killed many.

Witnesses reported Israeli strikes in Rafah, Nuseirat in central Gaza, and intense bombing in the north.

Two separate strikes killed a total of 11 people overnight, according to medical sources.

The military said they found weapons, rocket launchers, and tunnels in Rafah and eliminated a militant.

In central Gaza, terrorists near Israeli troops were eliminated in air strikes.

Israel claimed control of the Philadelphi corridor along the Gaza-Egypt border to stop weapon smuggling.

Egypt has not officially commented on the Israeli takeover, which could violate a peace deal.

Hamas stated they would only agree to a comprehensive truce agreement with a prisoner swap.

Israeli forces claim to have killed 300 militants in Rafah during the military operation.

Locals fled Rafah, carrying belongings in a rush to escape the violence.

The United Nations warned of famine in Gaza as aid deliveries were impeded.

Israel reported an increase in aid sent to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Cyprus revealed aid kept at sea for Gaza due to a damaged pier.

Netanyahu rejected accusations of starvation in Gaza, calling them anti-Semitic.

Demonstrators rallied in Paris in support of Gaza, criticizing media coverage.

The Gaza war began after Hamas attacked Israel, resulting in many casualties.

Israel’s offensive in Gaza has killed thousands, including many civilians.

Medical sources reported multiple civilian casualties from Israeli strikes.

Sunday’s strike in Rafah killed many and led to U.N. Security Council discussions.

Israel targeted Hamas members in the strike, inciting further conflict.

Algeria proposed a U.N. resolution for an immediate ceasefire and hostage release.

Amid the conflict, Israel faced internal political turmoil with calls for an early election.

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