Investigation Uncovers Possible War Crimes: 23 Civilians Killed in Turkey’s Airstrikes in Somalia

In March, 14 children and 17 civilians were harmed in attacks that could be considered as war crimes. Families of the victims should be compensated for their losses.

According to Amnesty International, two separate incidents that resulted in the death of 23 civilians during Somali military operations assisted by Turkish drones ought to be thoroughly investigated as potential war crimes.

On March 18, 2024, strikes in the Lower Shabelle region tragically took the lives of 14 children and other civilians. The armed conflict between Al-Shabaab and Somali forces was the backdrop to these devastating events.

The use of MAM-L glide bombs from TB-2 drones in the attacks on the Jaffey farm was confirmed by Amnesty International’s investigation. Failure to distinguish between military targets and civilians can be viewed as a violation of international law.

Amnesty International called on Somalia and Turkey to probe the strikes and prevent future atrocities against innocent civilians. Efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice and support the affected families are crucial.

In the aftermath of the attacks, numerous Gorgaarte clan families were shattered by the loss of their loved ones. The emotional toll and physical injuries suffered by the survivors must not be overlooked.

The Somali government has historically neglected marginalized communities like the Gorgaarte clan when seeking reparations or accountability for civilian casualties. The impacted families demand answers and compensation for their pain.

Recent years have seen Somalia receive military support from Turkey, raising questions about the responsibility for civilian casualties during military operations. The lack of response from the responsible governments adds to the families’ suffering.

The conflict in Somalia has led to numerous civilian casualties, with all parties involved accused of breaching international humanitarian law. Amnesty International continues to raise concerns about violence against innocent civilians in the region.

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