Insects trigger issues for Hiiraan pastoralists

Pastoralists residing in rural elements of Mataban in southern Somalia’s Hiran area report being stung by bugs inflicting painful swelling and fever.

Sahro Mohamed Mohamud was taken to hospital after being stabbed twice, leaving her physique swollen. She described the bugs she noticed:

“They are like cockroaches, but with a very long sting. They have two white dots on their hind wings, and they fly in groups of five to six and land on you at night if you have a torch or light a fire.”

Before going to the hospital, nevertheless, Sahro went to a conventional healer who used fireplace to burn the pores and skin across the insect stings, inflicting ugly wounds.

Dr. Ali Bashi, a physician at Beletweyne General Hospital, informed Radio Ergo that he had handled 20 individuals who have been stung by these as but unidentified bugs between March 25 and May 12. He urged sufferers to hunt medical consideration and never use fireplace.

“People who have been stung by these insects should visit the nearest health center and seek treatment. Using traditional treatment methods such as burning the affected area with fire does not help in any way. Medically, fire does not cure anything,” he mentioned.

Pastoralists in villages like Takraalle, Doxaale, Madax-marodi and Kunaso on the border between Ethiopia’s Somali area and Hiran have been bothered by the bugs and have began utilizing mosquito nets and even cooking inside at evening to keep away from attracting them.

Elders say they’ve not seen these bugs earlier than. Muktar Seedow, an entomologist at Hiran University, mentioned it was attainable that they had migrated from one other space because of the acute drought.

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