Injustice Uncovered: Neglected Victims of US Drone Strikes in Somalia Left Without Compensation

In Somalia, victims of drone strikes have not been compensated by the US since 2022, despite evidence of numerous casualties in 288 attacks. The US Africa Command only admits to 5 deaths, but Airwars reports over 3,000 casualties in the last two decades, with families struggling to get justice. The Pentagon started giving quarterly reports on casualties, but the US Africa Command has failed to acknowledge many deaths in Somalia. Congress allocated $15 million for compensation of airstrike victims in 2020, but payments are rarely made, even in clear-cut cases. Lobby groups and politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren have pushed for compensation of victims’ families. The US withdrew forces from Somalia in 2021 but later redeployed soldiers to assist in fighting against Al-Shabaab. The US Africa Command also trains and supports Danab forces, a key unit in the fight against Al-Shabaab. They conduct air raids at the request of the Somali government for self-defense purposes. The Defense Department has missed deadlines for civilian casualty reports, raising concerns about transparency.

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