Initiating High-Level Discussions: NISA Chief and Legislative Leaders Convene Talks with al-Shabab in Beledweyne

In Beledweyne, the Director of NISA, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbalolshe, engaged with locals and elders to bolster the fight against al-Shabab.

Sanbalolshe, along with parliament members and elders, arrived in Beledweyne before Ugas Yusuf Ugas Hassan Ugas Khalif’s inauguration on May 13.

The gathering centered on the security situation in Hiran and strategies to escalate operations against al-Shabab.

Sanbalolshe stressed the need for cooperation between the government and the community to combat terrorist threats.

Federal parliament members, elders, and community groups vowed to play a more active role in fulfilling the government’s pledge to eradicate terrorism nationwide.

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