In the spotlight: twenty-five years since the departure of Marshal Mobutu

“On May 17, 1997, recalls the inside of the magazine Le Soft International, it was the takeover of the armies of the AFDL, Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo, with the help of several countries in the sub-region., Rwanda, Uganda, Eritrea”.

“Marshal Mobutu,” the newspaper said at the time, “had been greatly weakened physically and politically by the protests that had followed the announcement of democratization in the country … Also weakened by a war of aggression funded, our colleagues believe, by the Western world. Capitals he once had served.

Siege in the DRC, “We can not talk about failure,” notes L’Avenir

The daily newspaper L’Avenir, for its part, talks about May 17, the previous day of liberation, but which is now dedicated to the army. At the same time, this newspaper lifts part of the veil on the outcome of the siege in the eastern part of the country where, like today’s headlines, “We can not talk about failure.” For L’Avenir, we must elevate the oh so commendable service that the FARDC is doing to the nation and the Congolese people. Ituri’s military governor, General Luboya Nkashama (quoted in the daily newspaper) as saying: “We have taken over the towns from the armed groups, we have reopened the main roads and we can say that we have moved these armed groups away from their centers … of interest … They are walking ”.

In the daily newspaper Le Phare, this warning from the UN and NGOs about the situation of more than 5 million people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a situation of displacement, including 3 million children. One million two hundred thousand of these children are under 5 years of age and suffer from acute malnutrition. With these alarming figures, notes Le Phare, Unicefa Congo Kinshasa ranked among the ten countries representing 60% of the global burden of waste on children under 5 years of age. This is a situation that has been worrying for decades, says the report published in Le Phare.

Augustin Matata Ponyo (former Prime Minister) wants to protect himself from legal proceedings

Finally, every two weeks, Le Maximum returns to the Bukanga-Lonzo scandal and headlines: “Matata does not deny”. In this scandalous act, this newspaper writes, everything happens as if Augustin Matata Ponyo (former Prime Minister), rather than denying the accusations of embezzlement of public funds, wanted to protect himself from legal proceedings. In fact, we note, we can read, that he does not strictly disprove the facts for which he is accused. What he claims, states Le Maximum, is that he can not be judged in form as a former prime minister for any fact.

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