In the spotlight: the death of a Rwandan genocide on credit

His death goes back sixteen years, but we only found out yesterday, Thursday. Protais Mpiranya, one of the most wanted genocides in Rwanda in 1994, if not the most wanted, had actually died in 2006 in Zimbabwe. And it is with the help of a DNA analysis that the death of this Rwandan refugee was confirmed.

Former head of the Presidential Guard, he was indicted in 2000 for genocide, complicity in genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

In Rwanda, there is information on the front of Kigali today. This Rwandan newspaper recalls that Protais Mpiranya “was a soldier and was also responsible for President Habyarimana’s bodyguards”, this Rwandan newspaper emphasizes that the refugee was “one of the most wanted by justice, and was also on the list of businessmen in Félicien Kabuga who was arrested in France in May 2020. “Kigali Today reports the Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz’s reaction to the announcement of the confirmation of the death of Protais Mpiranya, according to which” it is regrettable that (the latter) died without having been brought to justice “. This Rwandan “Kigali Today also reports that prosecutor Brammertz demanded that the trial of Félicien Kabuga, who was on the same list as Mpiranya, be” expedited, so that he can be held responsible for his actions while he is still alive “.

Tchomba»Forever facing MeccaFuneral, today in Séguéla, in the northern Ivory Coast, by Amadou Soumahoro. Dead on Saturday, the late president of the National Assembly will be buried after the big prayer followed by the funeral prayer in the Grand Mosque.

Today is “the great separation in the presence of the head of state”, reports in One Morning community. In the photo, under the headline of the Ivorian government’s newspaper, huge wreaths of flowers placed in front of the full-length portrait of Amadou Soumahoro, wrapped in a scarf thrown over the shoulder of the President of the National Assembly.

At the moment, the place of mourning and meditation, and the PPA-CI, the party of former head of state Laurent Gbagbo, “are involved in the funeral of Amadou Soumahoro”, underlines LG Infos, which sees in it “a proof of greatness of spirit” Republican in an approach of “African solidarity.” But reports this daily, “in the northern Ivory Coast, the RHDP, that is, the Rally of Houphouëtists for Democracy and Peace, and Alassane Ouattara, are looking for a new leader,” LG Infos points out.

Scramble at the foot of the Ivorian perchExactly. Who will succeed the late Amadou Soumahoro? “After sobs of emotion, the warm sincere tears, but also the crocodile tears that fall after Amadou Soumahoro’s death (…) are now placed in the war in the camps, for his imitation within the RHDP,” reports Soir Info. “The perch of the perch is already tearing itself apart (…) it is the period of” long knives “within the RHDP”, formulates this independent Ivorian newspaper, referring to the night of the long knives, during which, in July 1934, Hitler had had SA liquidated in favor of the SS.

In Soir Info’s columns, a Vice President of the outgoing Office of the National Assembly warns that the “struggle for control of the perch” will be “bitter”, placing it in the “after Ouattara” perspective. According to Soir Info, names are already circulating. There is more and more talk about the candidacies of Mrs Amy Toungara, the current interim president (of the National Assembly), and Kandia Kamissoko Camara, but also of the fact that “Zoumana Bakayoko, older brother of the late Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko, has her origins, such as Amadou Soumahoro, from Séguéla “, states Soir Info.

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