In the spotlight: in Kinshasa, the living disturb the peace

In the newspaper Forum des As: “Cemetery: In Kinshasa, the living disturb the peace of the dead”. This Kinshasa daily publishes a file on the day of August 1, Parents’ Day in the DRC. The morning is reserved for the dead with visits to the cemeteries. A walk through several cemeteries reveals that in Kimbanseke the dead no longer inspire respect or fear. In Kinsuka, houses are built right on the cemetery. Not easy to find the graves of relatives in the cemetery in Gombe. In Kintambo, bodies were piled on top of each other in a room closed to the public. “Show of desolation, the graves are desecrated for the sake of survival”, notes the Forum des As, which speaks of “graves cleaned, smashed or not found, crosses taken away” … “A forest of invasive grass”, add the colleagues of the Forum of Aces.

Le Phare, for its part, returns to the anger of the Congolese against the blue helmets and titles: “Monusco, blunder too many”… The incident on Sunday 31 July in Kasindi, on the border between Uganda and DRC, is one blunder too many, writes the newspaper, which reports that the Tanzanian peacekeepers, said to have returned from vacation to their country of origin, refused to submit to a routine check. These UN soldiers then made a forced passage using their weapons, explains the editors of the tabloid. For the colleagues, in the current context of strong tensions, the Congolese civilian population feels betrayed by a Monusco suspected of double action with the armed groups.

Rwanda targeted by UN report In La République newspaper, “UN Crucifies Paul Kagame”. For this daily, the publication of the UN report that the Rwandan army intervened in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo may sound like a simple refrain. The paper believes that “evidence abounds regarding the formation and exploitation of the M23 variant by the dictator in Kigali”. And the colleagues continue that the man, under the false pretext of a trial against the genocidal forces in 1994, has forged a large murderous enterprise on Congolese soil. With the strength he claims, we can still read in the columns of La République, we wonder about the survival of the Interahamwe, the FDLR, when the Rwandan soldiers had invested and controlled Greater Kivu for five years. “Paul Kagame, who is the international mafia, made good use of this opportunity to try to realize his irredentist and business dreams on Congolese soil,” adds La République daily.

Finally, the daily newspaper L’Avenir reminds us that the spokesperson for Monusco is unwanted in the DRC. He had made remarks that irritated the population, so they provoked demonstrations hostile to the Blue Helmets throughout the territory. According to L’Avenir, the Congolese government, which is demanding Mathias Guilleman’s departure as soon as possible, believes “that the presence of this official on Congolese soil is unlikely to promote a climate of mutual trust and tranquility between Congolese institutions and Monusco”. “If Monusco thinks it is unable to fight, it is better to root out the terrorists from M23, what is the point?” asks the newspaper.

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