In the spotlight: Africa, a much-loved continent

Coincidence or coincidence, the head of Russian diplomacy is on the continent when the French head of state begins an African tour. Emmanuel Macron is in Cameroon, Sergueï Lavrov is in Congo-Brazzaville.

Leader of Wakat Seranote thatFrance has been surprised by the ambitions of its competitors, who, paying less attention to good governance, democracy and respect for human rights – championed by Paris – have developed a more realistic cooperation that harmonizes with the vision of African leaders, supporters of ad vitam forever reigns.

The newspaperMaurya in Niger temperament: “Macron II seems to have abandoned certain principles of Macron I, which principles consisted in crumbling the partisans of power for life, dictators and other tyrants. In Cameroon, Emmanuel Macron will exchange during the day with the old tenant of Etoudi- the palace, Paul Biya, soon to be 90, who is in his 7th term and who can run for an 8th place.

“France has therefore changed its tune,” continues Mourya, “because of losing one after another the Central African Republic, where the Russians and Rwandans have rushed, the DRC, which really does not belong to any power in itself, Gabon and Rwanda, which joined the Commonwealth, all this is doing a lot of economic, geopolitical and geostrategic damage to France at the same time!”

France’s influence on half pole“The supremacy of our ancestors, the Gauls, over their former colonies has exploded and given way to a kind of enchantment that other charm sellers from Russia, China, India and Turkey take advantage of,” Wakat Will be points out.

And for proof: the head of Russian diplomacy, as a chance for a well-thought-out calendar, has just been received by Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Sergueï Lavrov does not sulk about his pleasure to hear his Congolese counterpart say about his country’s position in the Russo-Ukrainian crisis that Congo cannot afford to throw oil on the fire. A position that suits the affairs of the Russians well. In any case, “the French and the Russians collide on many African grounds and do not let go of a step”, concludes the editor of La Voix du Niger.

In Tunisia, Robocop in the footsteps of Ben Ali according to the newspaper LePaysThe new Tunisian constitution, which is about to be adopted, will end the parliamentary rule that has been in place since 2014 and will give full powers to President Kaïs Saïed. “A new constitution that Robocop, Kai Saïed’s nickname, demands with all his wishes and that has nothing retrograde except that it makes him a demigod”, observes The country in Burkina Faso.

And the newspaper continued: “In fact, when we look at the way in which Kaïs Saïed governs his country, we would say that the man has not learned a lesson from Tunisia’s recent history, so “he thinks that everything is allowed’. He concludes: “Robocop would benefit from changing his tune by coming down from his pedestal, for it is not by succeeding in the feat of getting the new constitution passed that he will think he is safe from what happened to Ben Ali”.

In Mozambique, a father was arrested for trying to sell his albino childrenThe New Tribunein Benin returns to a novelty and recurring practice in southern Africa. It is not the first time that albinos have been victims of this type of treatment. In popular belief, certain parts of their body used in rituals guarantee prosperity and good health. In extreme cases, just before they were sold, the children were saved thanks to an anonymous call received by the police.

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