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The Group D meetings will be played on Tuesday 19 January in Limbé under high security. The separatists from the self-proclaimed virtual republic of Ambazonia have in fact threatened the CAF with retaliation in the event of a fight being held in this part of Cameroon. In view of the guarantees provided by the Cameroonian authorities, the CAF does not intend to return.

Following the health protocol, which concentrates most of the concerns of the organizers of CHAN 2020, the safety aspect will be at the center of concerns for this fourth day of the competition. Limbé, the third city after Yaoundé and Douala to host CHAN matches, risks looking like fortresses on Tuesday.

Less than a week ago, the Amazonian separatist rebels wrote an unequivocal letter addressed directly to the president of the African Football Confederation ad interim, the Congolese Constant Omari: “We are writing to you about the planned organization. of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) (…) We are aware that some teams, especially in Pool D, consisting of Zambia, Guinea, Namibia and Tanzania, are scheduled to play on the territory of the former southern Cameroon under British administration, now named Ambazonia. (…) We would like to draw the attention of this letter, FIFA and CAF, of all the teams planned to play in Umbe so far, and of all potential spectators, that the whole of the Ambazonia area, including Limbé, is a war zone and not conducive to any international match at the moment. The letter is signed by the Ambazonia Governing Council.

Avoid a new one “Cabinda»

Arrested, CAF President Constant Omari wants to reassure an audience with the Cameroonian head of state. “I met with President Paul Biya and we were discussing this situation,” he told Journalist on January 15, just before the start of CHAN. I can assure you that he has given us all guarantees so that the competition goes well in terms of safety and that Limbé is safe. ”

The day before, however, cars exploded not far from Limbé Buea Stadium. The action was victim-free and has not been claimed. But that was enough to make the atmosphere heavier and to push many people to wonder about the relevance of going to Limbé.

CAF has promised safe convoys in addition to the impressive security system that will be put in place to avoid a new “Cabinda“” That was our concern, “admits Constant Omari.” But as long as the highest authority in the country gives us these guarantees, I think everything will be fine. The teams will be able to play and train with confidence. “

The atmosphere will still be heavy this Tuesday in Limbé.

On January 8, 2010, while on his way to Cabinda, an Angolan enclave located between Congo-Brazzaville and the DRC, to compete in the African Cup of Nations, the bus from Togo’s football team was punished. . Result: two dead, nine injured, two seriously.


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