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Night journeys have been briefly canceled on Lake Kivu between the cities of Bukavu and Goma for 3 weeks. The resolution comes from the provincial authorities to stop safety dangers. This follows the tensions of current weeks between the M23 and the DRC’s armed forces within the close by province of northern Kivu. Three weeks later, vacationers complain about this resolution, which prevents them from finishing up their actions usually, particularly evening merchants.

as reported from Bukavu, William Basimike

On website on the port of Emmanuel in Bukavu, passengers get off, they arrive from Goma. Paulin Imani, 27, purchased potatoes and cheese from Goma, he involves promote them on in Bukavu: “Before, I went to Goma in the evening boats. Arriving in Goma the next morning, I had some time to shop in town, shop my goods in peace and quiet and return the same day with another night boat. But at the moment it is impossible ”.

“Bukavu is often fed by Goma and neighboring Rwanda” Small purse, with a visibly drained look, Clarisse complains in regards to the unexpected bills she is compelled to incur. “Usually the boats come from Bukavu to Goma between 13.30 and 14.00 and there I have to go and buy the goods between 14.00 and 17.00, then pay the deposit where they are stored until the morning, pay a small hotel room, in the morning I pay for the transport of my goods until boarding, it’s too much cost.

A little further on, Jules, a manager, worries: “Bukavu is usually delivered by Goma and neighboring Rwanda, however there are restrictions all over the place in the mean time. Let’s wait and see.”

To alleviate the scenario, the provincial authorities of southern Kivu had simply granted evening navigation permits just for boats carrying meals, supplied that these machines carry lower than 25 folks to look at over the packages. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has been commissioned to implement this measure in the meanwhile.

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