households call for an rationalization of destiny

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In Somalia, hundreds of families are angry at their government. Mothers demanded on Thursday, January 21, that the authorities explain the fate of hundreds of Somali missing soldiers. Last Monday, the former deputy head of the Somali intelligence bureau claimed that many Somali soldiers had been secretly involved in the Tigray conflict and killed.

as reported from Nairobi, Sébastien Németh

Mothers of missing soldiers move heaven and earth to find their sons, and political pressure increases around President Farmajo.

On Monday, a former deputy head of the intelligence agency gave an explosive interview. Abdisalam Guled claimed that 370 young Somali recruits aged 20 to 30, trained in Eritrea, were secretly sent to Tigray and killed in the fighting.

Without giving concrete evidence, he simply quoted Ethiopian military sources. The case created scandal.

Families who no longer hear from their children have seized politicians. The Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs has written to President Farmajo requesting explanations and demanding the publication of the names of recruits trained in Eritrea and their return to Magodiscio.

The next day, Information Minister Osman Abubakar Dubbe denied the involvement of these Somalis in the Ethiopian conflict and spoke of “fabricated reports to divert attention”.

The scandal is unlikely to end there as long as families do not hear from their children.

Meanwhile, this may be further evidence that the war in Tigray, described as an internal problem, by Addis Ababa has become a regional crisis.

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